Hello, I'm Bill.

The Greatest Things in Life are not Things

Experiences, emotions and thoughts are what make life great. I create them.


Who is Bill and What Does he Do?

I Try to Wear Orange Shoes Everyday

Not literally... but, one day in grade school I set off upon the day donning a pair of orange Air Force One's (low tops, mind you). I got heckled for the better part of the day and came home crying to my parents. I never wore those shoes again.

Today, and with most everything I do, I aspire to push the envelope of design, opening myself and others to new methods and ideas. Attention isn't always a bad thing. What one might feel is totally outlandish and unconventional, might just be exactly what they need. Today, with the confidence I have in producing unique material, and living on the bleeding edge of design, I find joy in wearing "orange shoes" every day.

Upon graduation, I unfortunately had no clear direction or calling as to just what type of career I wanted.  After taking a few years to bounce from job to job, I fell upon web design.  The chance to be creative, yet think with a technical mind, appealed to me.  I enrolled in a fast track program through Johns Hopkins University that taught the ins and outs of using modern software, tools and languages of the web industry.  About a year later, I graduated from said program and got my first job designing websites for the homebuilding industry.

Fast forward to 6 years later and I am continuing to pursue my passion in digital marketing and multimedia.  I'm fortunate in that each day allows me to be creative in using my talents to provide solutions for clients that they either can't solve or their own, or do not have time for.

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